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If you are concerned on the cost of a new hardwood floor call our staff at Klein Design & Build MN. If you have new flooring needs in Maple Grove Minnesota call us for a quote for custom wood flooring by Klein Design & Build. What is you budget for the cost of a new hardwood floor in Maple Grove? Contact us for our price. One of the best hardwood floor contractors in Maple Grove is Klein Design & Build. Why not call the best flooring contractor in Maple Grove, MN for to refinish your hardwood floors. I have a question, how much is it to install new hardwood floor? Call for an estimate in Maple Grove, MN. For a new construction home how much is a new hardwood floor in Maple Grove? Call for a free quote. For the best custom hardwood floors in Maple Grove, email Klein Design & Build for a quote. How much does it cost to put in a new hardwood floor in Maple Grove? It depends on the size of the floor and the type of wood used. Our sales team has a very detailed knowledge of custom hardwood floors, if you live in Maple Grove, MN and have questions give us a call. In Maple Grove how much is it for a new hardwood floor? The cost is labor, materials and complexity of the design. Klein Design and Build does install and sell custom hard wood floors for homeowners in Maple Grove.

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