Kitchen and Bath remodeling Walton Hills 55416

Contractor for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in the Walton Hills neighborhood of 55416 MN

We install and sell luxury bathroom jacuzzi tubs for customers in Walton Hills MN. Searching for a contractor to build a center island in kitchen for your Walton Hills remodeling project? We are ready for the challenge. The before and after bathroom remodel photos are the best way to see a huge difference. Searching for luxury kitchen island ideas for your kitchen? Call the specialists at Klein Design & Build. If you are concerned on the cost of a new hardwood floor call our staff at Klein Design and Build. Our design staff has many excellent bathroom remodeling plans for your project. We not only do residential remodels we also can custom design office cabinets for your office remodeling. We provide luxury bathroom solutions to customers and homeowners in Walton Hills MN. If you need us to redesign kitchen cabinet doors, we have several options for you to pick from. If you have questions on which backsplash for black granite countertops, call and talk with our design staff. If you decide to install backsplashes made in aluminum we can get you a quote. It is amazing how much countertop transformations can do to change the look of a bathroom or kitchen. There are many different custom cabinets options you will be able to choose with our designers. You will love you new custom wood floors in Walton Hills, Klein Design and Build has been doing flooring for years. Dream do come true, we can make your kitchen remodel dreams into reality.

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