Kitchen and Bath remodeling Long Lake Beach 55112

Contractor for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in the Long Lake Beach neighborhood of 55112 MN

The arctic ice backsplash will give your bathroom or kitchen remodel a bright fresh look. Wanting to add an air stone backsplash to your kitchen in Long Lake Beach, MN? Call Klein Design and Build of Minnesota today. Klein Design and Build can get you the luxury kitchen island lighting that will make your kitchen remodel look great. We are considered one of the best home addition contractors in Long Lake Beach. Klein Design and Build is a leader in luxury master bathroom remodels for customers in Long Lake Beach Minnesota. Get you free bathroom renovation quote from Klein Design & Build today make an appointment. There are different countertop alternatives to granite that you might be able to use to stay within your budget. We can get you a estimate for custom cabinets for your kitchen, the cost will very on size, type of wood and style. Klein Design and Build can build your own kitchen center island for your house in Long Lake Beach. Looking at having an above garage home addition to your home in Long Lake Beach call the specialists. No matter what you like we can make it happen even if your bathroom design is with tile. We stay on budget with our estimates as much as we can in the remodeling of your kitchen. We know how to build custom and semi-custom kitchen cabinets for your next remodeling project in Long Lake Beach. By adding new hardwood floor you are increasing the value of your home. We make luxury dream kitchens reality for customers in Long Lake Beach.

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