Kitchen and Bath remodeling Highwood 55436

Contractor for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in the Highwood neighborhood of 55436 MN

We are a local contractor that does great work if you live in Highwood and need a bathroom remodeled contact our staff. Highwood, MN kitchen bath remodel project? Need to find a contractor that can do it all? Contact us. We are a remodeling company that focuses on kitchen remodels including building custom center islands. We will get you the total cost to install new hardwood floor for your home in Highwood. Our staff knows the best ways to install custom kitchen cabinets after they are built. We have luxury bathroom shower enclosures that can be customized. It is very hard to give custom cabinets average costs as, the quality of the wood, labor and size of the project must be seen to give an accurate quote. Depending on the size we can get you the agate countertop prices for your project. More and more customers are looking for a luxury American kitchen, we can guide you through the whole process. Shopping for an elderly bathroom remodel in Highwood? Who do you call? Talk to us at Klein Design and Build. We give free quotes for home additions in Highwood Minnesota. Call us for design ideas for your additions to your house in Highwood. If you need a dream kitchen remodel, we are the company to do it, call 651 633-0009. A luxury kitchen hoods will make a statement in your kitchen remodel in Highwood Minnesota. We sell and install the best granite top kitchen center islands in Highwood.

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