Kitchen and Bath remodeling Edina Hills 55410

Contractor for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in the Edina Hills neighborhood of 55410 MN

Why not call the best remodeling consultants in Edina Hills MN we can also help with luxury kitchen light fixtures as well. The final touch includes ideas for luxury bathroom lighting designs. We can help with installing custom cabinets around your fireplace. If you need kitchen center island cabinets for your home we at Klein Design and Build can get it done. For a new construction home how much is a new hardwood floor in Edina Hills? Call for a free quote. By adding new hardwood floor you are increasing the value of your home. Our company can design and build unique luxury bathroom vanities that are completely custom. In Edina Hills are you looking to buy a countertop with acid stain? The staff at Klein Design and Build is ready to help. For unique guest bathroom remodel ideas set up an appointment. Our staff will get you an estimated cost for you home addition in Edina Hills. Who do you call for an estimate kitchen remodeling in Edina Hills, MN? Klein Design and Build is the answer. If you are interested in some awesome backsplash ideas talk to our designers. You would be surprised on the different type of countertop alternative materials that are being used today for both bathrooms and kitchens. Klein Design and Build can help with building custom home additions in Edina Hills. Make you center island countertop unique talk with our design staff for your kitchen remodel.

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