Custom Cabinets

One thing that sets us apart from many of our competitors is we have a custom cabinet making shop in house. At Klein Design and Build we understand well built cabinets and the need to have control over the process. The ability to make custom cabinets in any size or shape with that service in our shop gives us a huge advantage on staying on time with remodeling projects and the ability to use all types of wood and stains to make your kitchen or bathroom remodeling dreams come true. Call to setup a free consultation for your remodeling project with Klein Design and Build today

Our design team will be able to get you the perfect cabinets for your Kitchen Remodel project. You will be able to pick the wood the colors and have the ability not to have off the self cabinets. Custom cabinets also are important in bathroom remodeling projects as most bathrooms have limited space to work with, we build our cabinets to make your new bathroom look amazing.

Call us today to get a quote on new custom cabinets for your remodeling project in the Twin Cities. Klein Design and Build does has past clients you can talk to as references as well.

Custom Cabinets Minnesota By Klein Design and Build